• Christmas in Park City, Utah

    So here we are, in Park City, Utah, working on our Big THRIVE conference that is coming up in February. There is a lot of work to be done, but I am just going to tell ya, working in this environment does not stink, hahaha. Two nights in a row I woke up to a… [Continue Reading]

    Christmas in Park City, Utah
  • Seaside 30A Family Beach Trip

    A few weeks ago we took a family beach trip with my Mom and Dad and my 2 sisters and their families. ┬áTruly I didn’t want to leave. By the end of the week I was seriously trying to convince myself that we we should buy a house in Seaside and live there for part… [Continue Reading]

    Seaside 30A Family Beach Trip
  • The Voices…oh the VOICES!

    Confession: I listen to them too. My grandmother was my best friend. I spent every moment I could with her when I was growing up. I loved her SO much. I tear up just thinking about her and how much she would have enjoyed watching my kids grow up. I loved sewing and baking with… [Continue Reading]

    The Voices…oh the VOICES!