The Voices…Oh the Voices!


Confession: I listen to them too. My grandmother was my best friend. I spent every moment I could with her when I was growing up. I loved her SO much. I tear up just thinking about her and how much she would have enjoyed watching my kids grow up. I loved sewing and baking with [...]

Is Your Lip Gloss Killing You?


  Is your lip gloss killing you? This has been a concern for me for several years. I first started worrying about all of this when it came out that cosmetics found in certain “kids” makeup were tested for lead. You know, the cute little cell phone’s with eye shadows and lip glosses and branded [...]

2014 Young Living Convention “Celebrating 20 Years”


This past week I had the honor of attending Young Living’s 20th anniversary celebration and International Grand Convention in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. I had fully intended to blog each day, post updates, show new products and do some live video. I had no idea that I would barely have time to breathe. Several [...]

Meet The Fam


Hello! Welcome to “The Wright Side of Life,” we are so glad you are here. My name is Kelli and the cute guy in the middle is my husband Les of 17 years. We have had three beautiful children together. These two are our sweet daughters, Anna Kate and Abbie. We have one sweet son, [...]